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Well, we had our maiden voyage on the subway with the Baby Bjorn yesterday. DD did fine. If anything she was so interested in looking at the people around her she did not want to stay rear-facing. People did offer seats, but as many of you said, it was easier to stand (at least until there were multiple seats empty). It was so neat to walk through the streets and see her looking up at these huge tall buildings with that sense of wonder we all have when we first get here or come to visit. But the funny thing was, when we got on the subway coming home, there were a few people who cooed and smiled at her, but being a New York subway train... There were people at whom she would smile her cutest little baby smile, who couldn't care less. And she looked so confused! She so used to people engaging her when she looks at them and smiling back, she didn't know what to think! Poor thing! Welcome to New York, baby!

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  • awww!  glad your trip went well and she loves the city!

    some people are just cold!  It annoys me when we are in the street and DD turns on the charm and says hi, hi, hi.... (most people answer her back and talk to her), but there are those people who ignore her.  I just whisper in her ear afterwards when she is all confused by being ignored that some people are just cold fishes, and not to be hurt by them because they are not worth her time!
  • I'm so glad it went well!!

    How is she doing at daycare?

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