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Dr. Help Near Hackensack, NJ

I'm 9 weeks pregnant and trying to find a dr. that does not perform routine episitomies.  The dr. that I am currently seeing said that most first time moms have to have one.  I strongly disagree and would like to find a Dr. that does not have this belief. 

Anyone out there have a Dr. near Hackensack they can recommend that does not perform so many episiotomies?


Re: Dr. Help Near Hackensack, NJ

  • My doctor says he tries not to and does massage to try to avoid it.  Unfortunately, when I had my daughter he had a family function that day.  He saw me in the morning and missed the birth by less than an hour.  He didn't think I'd go that fast with my first.  So another doctor delivered her and I ended up having one--which I too did not want.  What's done is done.  Anyway his name is Dr. Robert Gallo, he's just down the street from the Hospital and I think he's great. 
  • not sure about episiotomies frequency, but i love my dr.  Dr Vikner in Ridgewood.  i actually travel from NY to see her still.
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