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would you commute into Manhattan?

If you had a job in another borough (where you live), but it wasn't a job you loved... would you take a position in Manhattan even if the commute would suck? 

I like convenience... but I also what a job I can be proud of and that I want to go into do.  hmmm?

Re: would you commute into Manhattan?

  • most people i know commute into Manhattan from Brooklyn or Staten Island, Queens, or Bronx.
  • Oh I know... but I mean if you didn't have to commute in... would you choose not to even if the "local"  job is fine but the organization is crap.  Or would you choose to commute to work for a better organization.   It has nothing to do with career advancement either. 
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  • I would rather travel a little further to work for a good organization, instead of having a short commute but constantly being annoyed by working for a bad organization.
  • DH, DD and I commute every day from Long Island into NYC for work (and DD daycare). But, I would love to get a job closer to home - it's just that my job pays $25K+ more in NYC than on Long Island.

    If I were you, I wouldn't do it. We bring DD with us because to leave her on LI would be a 12-hour day in daycare - 7AM-7PM. Time with her is more important than anything (except we really just can't afford such a huge paycut!)

  • I have commuted for years now.  I lived in Manhattan for a while and then moved to Jersey City for a bigger apartment and I'm still commuting to Manhattan.  Would I work around where I live if I could?  Yeah probably, but the money would need to be the same and the company would need to be worthwhile.  Convenience vs. quality is something I'd definitely think about.  You should think about how your resume is going to look and if the job in Manhattan makes it look better then you should take that job.
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