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childcare costs

My aunt will be watching my 3 month old son one day/week in my house.  I doubt she is expecting to be paid for this, but I would like to pay her for her time. Does anyone have suggestions for how much to pay her per day? most days will be about 7-8 hours.

My mom watches him for free most days, so I have no idea how much childcare would cost. 

Re: childcare costs

  • That is awesome!!  I keep wishing my family was more local!  Child care can be a big chunk out of the budget!

    I have been trying to figure whats average.  Seems as though $8 an hour is a low average I see for Stay at home Mom's and some day cares, though I have even seen some postings for $6 in different areas.. good luck!

  • We're paying $48 a day for a home-based daycare center in Lowell.
  • We pay $32/day for an in-home in Fitchburg.
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