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nbr: pg bachelorette night..

my sister is getting married- she was planning a long engagement however found out she is now expecting so we are trying to swing a wedding in 12weeks. I am also expecting- she does want a bachelorette/girls night before the wedding and i am trying to put something together that everyone can fully enjoy. I was thinking of a dinner/murder mystery or joey and marias wedding- are these super corny? has anyone ever been? any other suggestions would be a huge help. trying to plan this for the end of sept- october time frame. any and all ideas welcome.. thanks so much..
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Re: nbr: pg bachelorette night..

  • For one of my girldfriends who was also pregnant at the time of her bachelorette, we did a whole day kind of thing.  We first went to a pottery type place (I thought this was going to be awful since it's not my kind of thing but I was wrong) and every girl made an appetizer plate for the bride.  She left with a cute set of plates handmade for her.  Then, we headed over for a relaxing spa day followed by dinner at a tapas place.  It was relaxing and different and everyone really got to talk and hang out. 
  • Boston2Bermuda.. sounds like a lot of fun!

    My friend put together the best bachelorette party I hav ever heard!  (ANd of course the creativity really does put the special touches on) but she made a deal with a nail salon so they were the only ones in the place and they all went in for primping.. and champagne.. and laughs.  I guess all the girls raved about it! Then they went out later to show off!

    Good luck!  I always love planning things.. have so much fun with it!
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  • http://www.mobilespa.com/

    My bridesmaids did this plus we went to dinner at Fire & Ice in Boston.  I loved it!
  • How about dinner in the North End and then the Improv Asylum. It is alot of fun, and you can't go wrong with Italian. Good LUck
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