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Hello- I just had my first visit with a RE yesterday and we determined a plan. I checked with my insurance and I'm pretty sure most things are covered. However, there is a VERY detailed document of 35 pages written in "technical doctor talk". I was just wondering if anyone else had this plan, (BCBS New England HMO)? Any advice, experiences, or things I should be aware of?

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  • We had BCBS previously, and I've found that calling them is the best way to get info on this kind of thing.  I found their customer service people to be very helpful, and they were good at pointing out things that I might have missed which ended up saving me some headaches.

    My experience was for knee surgery not RE related services, but I'm sure they will be able to get you some information to translate those awful technical docs.
  • thanks for your response. I find that that they are helpful sometimes when I call, but often times they just look up the same document that your looking at on your website and read it to you. I suppose it's who you get, some know more than others.
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  • We had BCBS when we were going thru treatment.  They didn't count our clomid trials towards IVF (but I wanted to do them anyways cuz I'm of the "let's try the mildest treatment before going in full barrel" camp).  They did cover all the appts and the clomid/IUIs (well, we had to pay copays).  We did 3 clomid trials and then did the injects--we would've had to do 3 inject trials before they'd pay for IVF;  on our 3rd inject trial we got PG so we happily canceled our IVF appt.  We used Village pharmacy for the injects (we just used CVS for the clomid);  the pharmacy was great--shipped right to the house, did follow up calls etc.  We were very happy w/BCBS. 
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  • Thanks for the info. I'm gonna do what you did, and start out with clomid, but also being monitered with ultrasounds. I use village pharmacy too, and they are super fast! I hope I have as much luck as you did! You're little girl is adorable!
  • keep us informed--best of luck to you!
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