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Circumcision Question

Hi moms of boys...just heard that there is a new process where circumcision does not take place in the hospital...only in doctor's offices weeks after baby is born...This is news to me so I wanted to know what your thoughts are on this if you had your baby circumcised not at the seems so much more painful and I've read a few articles that say the longer we wait the more complicated it gets...

This is a deal-breaker for us with our current hospital so I am trying to figure out whether we drive 40 miles to one that does it in hospital a day or two later or stay 5 miles close, and have it done weeks later...

Any thoughts??

Re: Circumcision Question

  • Is this a new procedure? We got Cole circumcized 7 years ago and he got it done the next morning at the hospital. Weeks later? That's crazy!!
  • They did Garrett's (just 18 months ago) in the hospital the day after he was born. We delivered at Hoag, and see Dr. Bennett in HB for a pedi.
  • Oh yeah I delivered at Hoag too. So maybe it depends on the hospital?
  • George had his done in the the hospital 14 months ago,(at Hoag as well) I honestly have not heard of this, have you asked your Dr? Where are you delivering?
  • I have heard of some Dr.'s doing this and I think it's completely are usually in the room while they do it....Not my idea of a good time.

    When they do it in the hospital they will take the baby and bring him back sleeping....most of the time.

    I will be having my 4th boy in 11 weeks and I would never have it done outside of the hospital.

    I hope my 2 cents helped.

  • I had DS at Saddleback and my pedi did it the day after he was born. They took him to the nursery, invited dh to come if he wanted and was back in 15 minutes. He didn't even look as though he cried. He came back happily sucking on a pacifier. Which he never really used again after that time.


  • We too delivered at Saddleback 19 months ago.  Kaden's  early the next day after he was born.  No problems.  Sounds strange to me.  I would drive to the hospital 40 miles away.  To me, it is all done, not to worry about.
  • B's was done 3 days after birth while we were still in the hospital....Irvine Regional
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