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Send me good progressive labor thoughts...

...because I need them!   On Thursday, the OB said I was 1 cm dilated and that my cervix was softening. I figured this was good but knew it isn't much-after all, I could stay that way for awhile. Then I started getting contractions at 6 AM on New Years Eve, and they haven't stopped since. They are mild (obviously! otherwise I couldn't be playing on here and distracting myself)  but they are fairly regular-between 4-7 minutes apart. They just aren't the real deal yet. I'm also losing parts of the MP.

 We thought maybe that things would change over night and I'd get into active labor, but it didn't. But, it was good to get some sleep! And today has been the same.  So now we're going into night #2 of regular contractions with no changes in intensity yet.  Cross your fingers things cross over into the active phase soon! We're excited.  :)   

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Re: Send me good progressive labor thoughts...

  • Yeah! Congrats and I hope it goes quickly!
  • Sending thoughts your way - I'm heading in the same boat. Mine started at 2am this morning. While it sounds like mine are a bit stronger than yours (I pretty much have to stop everything I'm doing for the 90-120sec they last), they aren't nearly as regular. Mine are fluctuating between 5-30mins apart.
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  • Good Luck!!!!!

  • Man, I was really hoping I wouldn't be able to update...

     So to recap- First contraction was 6 AM Friday, they were weak/mild but 5 ish minutes apart. Sometimes 7 or so, but never got more intense. We went walking and thought maybe things would change. Same story Saturday! Went walking again, they were still regular, hoped they'd get stronger.  Yesterday (Sunday) they slowed down but the ones I did have were the more uncomfortable on the scale of the kind I'd had so far.  Also I think the baby is dropping down...I'm feeling more pressure. Overnight a few woke me up but didn't continue. I am Monday morning. Still having some at times but there's no patterm right now. DH went on to work as usual and I'm starting to think I am going to make it to my 39 week appointment on Thursday!

    Who knows. I hope that while I totally understand these aren't the dilating kind, that I am going to at least find out they have helped effacement. We shall see. I'd be lying if I said I expected to have contractions for days! I know it's all normal but it just wasn't what we expected..especially since they have never quit entirely. Before Friday, I had zero BH, so once it happened, I figured active labor would begin soon. 

      In the mean time I am listening to my positive birth affirmations CD trying to stay positive. My body is definitely doing something! I just have to trust it at this point. and see what happens. :)

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