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Midwife at Abington?

Hello! This is my first post on the baby boards. I'd like to deliver at Abington Hospital but I haven't been able to find a midwife/certified nurse-midwife that is affliated with the hospital. Anyone know of one? Thanks!

Re: Midwife at Abington?

  • I dont belive Abington allows midwifes to deliver there....I think Doylestown does...but Abington does not but, I would do more research on this because I am not 100%.

    I am delivering at Abington with an obgyn and using a doula.


  • Thanks Jesse-
    I hadn't considered a doula. That's a good idea. Would you mind sharing how you found one? Should I ask my OB?
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  • Ditto Jesse.  I used a WONDERFUL midwife through GCSF OBGYN (which is now closed down) for all of my appts. and wished she could have delivered, but Abington does not allow. 
  • A little late to this post but I used to live in Jenkintown (now in KoP).  But when I was over there, I traveled to Bryn Mawr Hospital to have my birth attended to by a midwife.  I was actually supposed to deliver at The Birth Center, but things don't always go as planned!
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