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OB that delivers at Abington?

My OB office is now doing just GYN since Chestnut Hill is closing their maternity ward, so I have to find a new practice.  Does anyone go to Abington OB/GYN, Abington Primary Women's Healthcare, or Womencare OB/GYN??

Re: OB that delivers at Abington?

  • I go to Abington OBGYN.  Dr. Fonslick delivered my son. They are okay. I like some of the doctors but there are also a few that I'm not crazy about. In general I didn't like the fact that I saw a different doctor each time (so that you can meet all of them before you deliver), but I think all of the groups are like that.  I've seen quite a few people on this board recommend Dr. Murphy with Abington Primary. I might try them when I have my second.  I was happy with my experience at Abington Hospital.
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  • I use Womencare. Have used them for years.
    Dr Sullivan delivered my baby. They are great! They have offices in abington hospital ( never a wait in that office and another on blair mill rd)

    You have to see every doctor in the practice.
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  • I go to Abington Primary. LOVEEE Dr. Murphy but it is a big practice and I could really take or leave the other doctors. I was really hoping Dr. Murphy would deliver my son, but since there are more than 12 docs in the practice it didnt happen and Dr. Bartlett delivered my son--not to much of a fan but all went fine! The only other complaint I have other than the fact there are so many docs is that I end up waiting a good half hour or more  to see the doctor EVERY time I go in for an appointment. That gets really annoying, especially if you have something else to do. Next time I see Dr. Murphy im going to have to tell him he has a fan base because everyone loves him ;)
  • Yep, I'm a Dr. Murphy fan too!  I was thiiiisss close to having him deliver  baby #2 (11days old now!) but his shift changed :(  He is a great doctor.  I also love Dr. Michealson.  I only had 1 appt. that I was made to wait- and it was a long wait, at least 45 minutes.  It is very hard to get appts. with Dr. Murphy, and yes, it is a big practice, so you will want to make your rounds with all of the docs since you don't know who will deliver.  All in all, I was happy with the care I received during my pregnancy and labor and delivery. 
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  • I used to go to Abington and saw Dr. Martinez, who I loved!

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  • I'm with Abington Primary. I really like Dr. Murphy and Dr. Keen. There are a lot of doctors in the practice, and they want you to see them all, but I was able to see Murphy & Keen for the majority of my appointments.
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