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Help - Vacation w/ my 8-month old!

Sorry if this is a double-post, my other one didn't seem to post.

My husband wants to go to Williamsburg, 5+ hrs away (plus stops) for vacation.  I think a) too long in the car and b) what is daughter going to do there.  She wants to be out where she can roll and climb, not be confined to a stroller or carseat for a week. 

I'm tired of arguing and him complaining that there is no where we can go that meets my criteria.  Please help - general suggestions for vacation w/ kids this age, specific thoughts on where to go, or just advice on why I am/or not being too concerned about this.  Help me.  I need a vacation away from my house.

Re: Help - Vacation w/ my 8-month old!

  • I completely understand your concern about your daughter, but she is not walking yet at 8 months, I am assuming so it seems like it might be easier to have her in a stroller for sight seeing.

    If your husband reallys wants to go maybe you can compromise and stay here:

    Its a great place for families and your little one will have the freedom to play in water! So out of the week maybe you and dh can set up what you want to sightsee and do on certain days and the other days hang out at the lodge.

    But just a suggestion. 5 hours doesn't seem a lot to me, but I guess thats because I am planning a trip to the OBX when our baby is about 8 months old and thats over 8 hours in a car...blah

  • We went to Gatlinburg, TN a couple of months ago.  We rented a cabin and it was awesome. (This wasn't a "roughing it" situation at all - wireless internet, stainless steel appliances, hot tub, jaccuzi, pool table, etc.) I was able to put DS in the bedroom at night while my DH and I were able to stay up in the jacuzzi/hot tub, play pool, etc. without worrying about waking him.  It was also nice to have the full kitchen for feeding time.  We had plenty of room to sprawl out for play time too.

    There's a lot to do in that area (you'd be suprised!) and the Smokies are beautiful in the fall.  It's also really reasonable.  It's worth looking in to!

    It is a bit of a drive ... We drove through the night while DS was sleeping and made good time.

    If you do go to Williamsburg I'd recommend driving when your DD is sleeping and renting a place that has enough room to spread out!

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  • we went to jacksonville, florida. one tip is leave at night. if you are driving do your regular routine at bedtime then just put baby in carseat and go!

    Also bring some new toys to entertain baby with throughout the trip... even books from the dollarstore or target work.

    I wouldnt be worried about the car ride- I think if you plan ahead 5 hours isn't that bad. Also as PP suggested any place with a indoor pool would be great with baby! GL!

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