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Play mat recommendations?

I thought you more "advanced" girls might have more insight.  Does anyone have a foam playmat that they'd recommend?  We're trying to make a play area for Aiden in the living room and so far most of the ones I've found have reviews about the color coating flaking off, the foam pieces smelling really strongly and curling up at the edges...
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Re: Play mat recommendations?

  • We love our alphabet mat from One Step Ahead.

    The letters come out, so if you have to move it around a lot, it can be a pain. I would go with the solid color mat instead.

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  • We got ours at Sam's Club.  It has red, blue, green, and yellow pieces.  The pieces are large (maybe 2ft by 2ft) so with all 8 pieces it is pretty big.  We are only using six right now (we turned the other two over to the black side and put them under the sink in the kitchen!).  Anyway, it was only like $30 and we have no complaints about the paint flaking or anything.  She runs her push car over it all day and no problems.  It might have smelled like rubber right out of the package but I am really sensitive to smells so if it had been a lot or the scent hung around for a while I would have noticed!
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  • If Hermie is anything like Seuss, a play mat might not work for you guys.  Seuss likes to chew them up.  We had to remove ours from the baby play area. 
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  • We love these mats by Step2. They are twice as thick as most of the other mats.  We have never had any smell, color flaking or curling issues.

    Good luck!

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  • We love ours:

    Activity Mat

     HTH :)


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