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I guess I'm old.

I just joined eharmony, as an antidote to STBXH kissing the Homewrecking Skank at midnight. It's my first time ever joining an online dating site. All of the dudes I'm being matched with look like they could be my dad.

Re: I guess I'm old.

  • I did EHarmony and was NOT pleased with anyone they sent me. I was on there for 3 months and had a few dates but nothing I felt was compatiable with someone I would be interested in dating. I hope you have better luck though :)

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  • Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of eharmony for the same reason you mentioned (I'm old too I guess).  My membership expires next month and I am not going to renew. is free this weekend, just sayin'.
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  • I never joined eHarmony because of all the bad stuff I've heard from friends. I had one friend who had three consecutive horrible experiences and she was put off for good.

    I signed up to which is 100-percent free. I did try Plenty of Fish, but I think those fish have been swimming in toxic waters. If the men didn't have three eyeballs, they were definitely missing some important brain activity!

    Good luck, but look at all the other options out there. 

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  • Hehe, I planned on giving eharmony a try at some point after I give birth to LO.  But now I just keep hearing negative things about that site. 
  • What negative things have you ladies heard?

    By the way, apparently I have a date with a 44-year-old man tomorrow. I'm 34. I don't have anything against older men. His hair is white though. Also, I have no idea what I'm doing. 


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