1st Trimester

Best DH in the world-Happy New Year!

I feel so lucky, my DH is so incredibly supportive. I have been starting to feel a little yucky (I seem to have a consistent, very minor headache, not enough to take Tylenol, but enough to be aggravating), super bloated and very tired at night (I've been conking out by 10 PM nightly for the past week)

Well, last night I came home from a super long appointment at my allergist, and DH had stopped off at the bookstore on the way home- he bought me a copy of 'What to Expect...' and himself a book called 'The Expectant Father'.

 We just traveled to PA to celebrate Christmas with my in-laws and we did announce to my MIL and FIL. MIL got a little teary and fixed me a *delicious* mock-cocktail with dinner. I am a big wine lover and it really hit the spot, tasted like a champagne cocktail...here's what is in it-

Sparkling Herbal Water with Orange and Cinnamon (from Wegman's)

splash of white grape juice

dash of simple syrup & a citrus garnish.

I have really been missing my wine, and this hit the spot! She also got me a gorgeous vintage-style tweed coat for the spring for Christmas, it should fit fine except for the little belly:) I feel very lucky today.


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