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Overnight fitteds for chunky thighs?

I was going to try a couple of MSO, but I'm not sure what the fit is like, since they are OS.  DS is 30 lb and almost 33".  He's fitting into FB larges, HH OS, and BG 4.0's right now.

 Can anyone recommend an overnight fitted that might be good to try?  I'm dying to jump into wool for nighttime! 

Re: Overnight fitteds for chunky thighs?

  • Sbish snapless and bububebe are my favorites.
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  • SBish snapless are great for chunky thighs.
  • SBish snapless are great and Monkey Snuggles also makes a custom toddler diaper for 25+ lbs.

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  • Thanks so much for the suggestions!
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