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when did you start finger food?

So I've been reading that around nine months your supposed to be offering a variety of finger foods.  But Liam is just not ready.  Was wondering how old your little ones were before finger foods.

Liam will be nine months next week.  He does not have any teeth, and we've been trying some of those baby puff things but he still needs to practice.  Perhaps this is because he had a cold for two months and couldn't eat them and has been having back to back ear infections.  Anyway.  I'm not worried, just curious.   

Re: when did you start finger food?

  • Ella started rice puffs and yogurt melts around 5 or 6 months and teething biscuits around 7 months. She cut her first 2 teeth at 7.5 months.


    Edit: We started the rice puffs and melts at 6 months... not 5 months. 

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  • Evelyn's been eating solids/finger foods for quite a long time... i know she was eating cheerios when she was 7 months or so...
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  • We did BLW (baby led weaning) so we skipped purees/cereals and started with holdable/finger food.  We started solids at 1 week shy of 6 months.

    We started with things like steamed broccoli, sauteed squash, fresh mozzarella, large pieces of meat to nom on, fresh chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, fresh fruits cut large.

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  • We started at 6 1/2 months, DD still has no teeth.  She can't manage small bits yet, we offer everything cut into strips or fingers which she can easily grab and chew off of.
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  • I started solids at 6 months and my pedi said not to start finger foods till 9 months.  I offer everything in small bites.  I try to give her some finger foods with each meal.  For example I have given her scrambled eggs, waffles, cut carrots, cut meatballs, grilled cheese, and puffs.  I don't give Mum Mums or any other type of processed baby snacks other than puffs every once in a while. She does not have teeth so I have not tried striped foods yet.  My pedi told me to put the food where her back teeth would be and she would learn to chew and that has seemed to work so far.
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  • With my younger son, we started solids at 4 months, and finger foods at about 6.5 months.  Now he eats whatever we do.  It is so crazy -- he claws to get at whatever I put on my plate.  Today it was Japanese chicken dumplings.  He also has 10 teeth already, which helps with the chewing.

    My older son, though, HATED finger food and probably did not eat it regularly until he was closer to 10 months.  He did not want to move off of purees.  He's an eating champ now -- just keep trying is my advice.

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