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What are some things that have worked for you? We have had pooping issues it seems for months(doesn't go very often, very small in amount, etc) and pedi doesn't seem too concerned. He says as long as it isn't rock type hard, has blood in it, screaming bloody murder when trying to go, or seems uncomfortable alot of time, it's okay. Well, we don't really fit those categories except for the past two days he has strained and strained and little luck. I feel so bad for him! These are the things we have tried over the course of several weeks:

Stayed away from cheese and bananas, more water, Benefiber, Miralax, suppositories (only done that twice-only had luck once), prune juice, prunes

 We are working on the 3rd and 4th tooth. Everyone talks about having the diarrhea. Nope, not us! Nothing!

 DS is a very content baby and doesn't seem like his belly is hurting or anything. But I just feel like this isn't right. Oh, and he doesn't drink alot of milk really. I BF and I would doubt he gets more than 20 oz/day. That's a whole other issue. 

Re: Constipation

  • Bryce's Pedi has us do 2 oz of pear juice if he is constipated - then the next day if he hasn't gone add another 2oz serving (so 2 2oz servings) - and continue to add 2 oz a day until he is up to 7 oz. Honestly - after the first 2 oz, he usually goes a couple of hours later - we have only had to do it a couple of times. Applesauce works really well for him too. Last time I just had him eat applesauce 3x a day (which I normally wouldn't do) - and that caused him to go. HTH!
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  • Prunes, prunes and more prunes. Also my pedi recommended apple juice and lots of water. I usually give her prunes every day, try for breakfast and dinner.
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