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Apparently.. short vent

Apparently I'm conceited since I chose a homebirth, co-sleep and am able to BF. Just because I chose those doesn't mean I'm intolerant of other options. Might I add I plan on becoming a L&D nurse.


I'll just STFU from now on..

(directed at someone IRL)

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Re: Apparently.. short vent

  • I <3 L&D nurses who support natural births and co-sleeping!!
  • Do your thang, woman! Good for you!

    As proud as I am that I went natural (in the hospital though, not at home, b/c I was concerned that there might have been complications from my fibroid -- thank goodness there wasn't!), I find myself shying away from telling people that because those that I have told seem offended by it, like I'm trying to shove something in their face because I chose not to have meds and they did. Honestly, I didn't think labor was all that bad but everyone else gives me dirty looks when I tell them that :-P  

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  • Amen. I went natural also and get the same sort of replies. I have chosen to keep my month shut unless asked, but DH loves to tell everyone... I think he is more proud than I am. Doesn't make us better or worse, it's just what it is, ya know?

    I want to try a home birth next time if my pg goes well.  Good for you ladies!

  • I went natural with both my kids. I think i tend to think it wasn't as bad as I thought because I was always in control of everything and with meds your not in control. 
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