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Hi Ladies! Where should I live?`

Good Morning! DH and I are researching Colorado and I am wondering where we should live. Right now I am looking at Fort Collins and Littleton.
What do you think?

Re: Hi Ladies! Where should I live?`

  • It depends upon your price range and the square footage you're looking for.  We LOVE Wash Park - lots of outdoorsy, young couples & families who like being in the city, but who also love getting out & going to the park.  Only problem - low square-footage and smaller yards.  We think it's worth it, but I know some people disagree. 

    If you're OK with a bit of commute, I also have friends who are in Stapleton and Lowry and love the community feel there - lots of young families, and much more house & yard for the money than more centrally-located neighborhoods.  Lots of parks & public pools, which is fun in summer.  Cons: all new-construction (feels a little Disneyland-esque), long drive into downtown.
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