Babies: 9 - 12 Months

what does your LO eat (finger foods)?

yep, that's my question (both for snacks and meals).


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Re: what does your LO eat (finger foods)?

  • Before yesterdays news that he has to be on a dairy free diet:  string cheese, pop corn chicken, peas and carrots, green beans, Ritz crackers, blue berries, raspberries, Kix, Goldfish crackers, cheese cubes, cubes of meat (ie ham, turkey, chicken), ground beef, Mum Mums...pretty much anything I'd put in front of him he'd eat.

    Learning what he can eat now other then meats, fruits and veggies is going to be a learning curve.

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  • Everything but shellfish.  Everything.
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  • imageablou:
    Everything but shellfish.  Everything.

    Same here. Gotta love non-picky babies! Makes life so much easier.

    Her favorites are cheese, goldfish, raisins, crakers, ham, and yogurt drops. 

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  • You name it man!  Ophelia started on finger foods and never did purees/cereals.  By 8 months or so she'd had all the stuff folks say they are waiting on: whole eggs, mussles, berries, peanut butter, scallops, salmon......

    The things she eats most often are scrambled eggs (almost every breakfast), PB&Js, bananas and berries.  She gets some of whatever we are having.  We do a sit done meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (hubs comes home for lunch every day) and she usually checks our plates out pretty carefully LoL

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  • DD eats everything! Pieces of: baked potato, chicken, pork, fish, ham, green beans, pancakes, breads, scrambled eggs, squash, broccoli, veggie patties, etc. She also eats (whole): black beans, peas, macaroni, rice, and a lot more that is not coming to mind right now.
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  • raspberry pieces, blackberry pieces, kiwi pieces, peeled quartered grapes, chunks of potatoes and sweet potatoes, banana pieces, avocado pieces, steamed carrot pieces... steamed broccoli pieces, crackers, natural cheese, pieces of bread.... really there isn't much she won't try.
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