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Come in if you use wool at night

How do you dress your LO at night?  Right now we have a fitted and wool footies along with a white long sleeved t-shirt but the t-shirts are getting too small and I'm trying to decide what I should get next.  I can't seem to find basic t-shirts in the next size up.  What do you do?  TIA!

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Re: Come in if you use wool at night

  • we just use wool covers (though, we did just get some longies, footies) then go the size up in PJs on top of them

    Do you have a once upon a child in your city?  I was there today, and they had a bunch of (non-onesie) Ts.

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  • We had 2 piece jammies before I got back into using CD's a night (he would be through everything).  I've been putting him a pajama shirt with wool footies.  However, lately I've been putting sposies on him because he's been in fleece sleepers.  His window leaks air and we're still waiting on the housing company to come fix it.  urgh! 
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  • fitged + woollybottoms footiies + cottojn sweatshirt from Basic Briolliance.
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  • DS sleeps in longies not footies, socks, and a long sleeve t-shirt.  Usually something I got on clearance at Target or a shirt that has gotten stained somehow but is otherwise clean. 
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  • E sleeps in a Sbish fitted with a Sbish soaker, a s/s onesie, and a regular pair of footed pjs. We have a pair of Woollybottoms but I usually just use them during the day.
  • This is how we dress her for night: fitted, wool soaker, undershirt, & footie pjs. We've never had a problem except for when I needed to re-lanolize and it seeped a little, but hardly anything. We have woollybottom footies we've used before at night with a long sleeve tee, but I use them more often during the day.

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  • She wears an overnight fitted with an added hemp insert, wool soaker over top, regular footed jammies & a sleepsack.

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  • fitted, wool shorties or wrap, long sleeve shirt and this:


    She usually isn't crying though.  :oD  I have a bunch of sleep sacks that I made. 

  • That sleepsack is SO cute.  :)  DS hates them.  boo.

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  • I have been hunting for long sleeved shirts to go with her longies too. It's not easy.  I bought some knit fabric I like and may attempt making them.  I still don't know if that will be warm enough on top for her at night so she might have a sleep sack over it.  I'm still working it out as her longies are still pretty big on her.
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