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fussy baby question....

I have yet to post my birth story, but will soon with pics...promise.

Had a quick question first.  We are breastfeeding and LO is latching and eating really well.  The problem is that he won't sleep unless he's in our arms.  He often falls asleep while eating and is out cold, but as soon as we lay him down he's wide awake and screaming (and usually won't eat anymore so I dont think he's hungry).  Needless to say, sleep is a bit difficult to get.  Anyone have any suggestions/experience with this?  Thanks so much!

Re: fussy baby question....

  • My LO does the same thing - I posted about this on the 0-3 months board and got some nice responses... The title of the post is "Advice Please (Long) sleeping only in my arms" and is towards the bottom of the page now... HTH and good luck, I know how rough it is!


  • My little guy does this sometimes, mainly when he is still hungry.  I find it happens when he falls asleep after only one breast, and I try to sneak him into bed.  He usually just needs to burp and will wake up, or we do a diaper change to alert him, and he will sleep much better after the other side.  Also, we introduced a pacifier early (while still in the hospital) because he has such a strong suck- and wanted to all the time.  This helps with the transition from in your arms and on the boob, to bed alone.  HTH
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  • have you tried tightly swaddling him?  it seems to calm my LO down in a way similar to being held.  hope it gets easier for you!!
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  • My LO doesn't sleep alone. He's never been comfortable with it and if I set him down, he gets maybe 30 minutes of sleep. So I hold him. We ended up bed sharing and during the day, if I need my hands free, I use a sling or a wrap to carry him in.

    Remember, your baby was carried all the time before being born. It can take a while before they're ready to be alone at all.

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  • This is what was happening to our LO yesterday. She's usually a great sleeper, but she wouldn't sleep unless we were holding her. We figured out it was gas. We had other indicators (facial expressions, etc), but it could be a possiblity. Gas drops are amazing!

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