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Reflux questions

Is it normal for reflux to get worse?  For the past 2 weeks E has been projectile vomiting everything up.  And not like right after a feed, like constantly all day long for hours.  It seems like every time he moves more comes up.  Any time he's laying on his back, even if it's 2 hours after a 3 or 4 oz feed (he can take 7-8oz normally) it keeps coming up.

Also, he vomited up the Prevacid tonight, I've been mixing it with less and less apple juice so that there is less to spit up and tonight it came up, Pedialyte from 1 hr ago and milk from 2 hrs ago.  What do you do?  I have Zantac and Pepcid for him too.  Should I just give him the Zantac in the morning to hold him over till his dose tomorrow night?  I know it takes like 4 days for Prevacid to fully work so it shouldn't wear off in 12 hours.

I just don't understand why there is so much food left in his tummy.  he had an Upper GI at 6 weeks and there was no delayed gastric emptying.

I'm guessing this is why his sleep has gone to SHIIIIT in the past week, like waking up every hour screaming bloody murder and then spending hours screaming at points in the middle of the night no matter where he is sleeping.

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  • My son's reflux was kind of a rollercoaster for his whole first year.  We ended up having to change from Prevacid to Nexium, which helped some.  Our GI NP said some babies seem to stop responding to certain medicines over time.  Honestly, his reflux did not seem to improve at all until he was over nine months old, and he still had problems off and on until just recently.  He is 17 months now, and we stopped the Nexium and are slowly weaning off the Zantac.

    Also, every illness made his reflux worse.  Even colds.  And being on antibiotics for ear infections was pure torture for our entire family.

    Hang in there.  And if this continues, talk to your GI about trying different meds.

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  • Yes Reflux can get worse like that. We are dealing with that right now. Also as your LO gains weight there dosage might not be right any more. We have battled reflux for 2 years now and my DS's is getting worse again right now we have had to go up dosage 2 times this year and add in more meds. If you are not seeing a GI I would ask to see one and see if they might to change his dosage like maybe half a pill in morning and half at night we did that one for awhile. Or something else. Good luck and I hope he grows out of soon for you. 

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  • Ds wasn't diagnosed until 7 months. It was getting progressively worse then around 6 months it got really, really bad. That's when we finally switched doctors and immediately got a diagnosis.

    I'd say it is time to go back to the doctor. Ds' pedi told us to come back in if  his symptoms got worse. He said that some drugs can work for a while then not work at all. He also mentioned that his dosage may need to be adjusted as he (hopefully) gains weight.

  • yes, it can definitely get worse (then better, then worse again.)

    There can also be triggers.. have you investigated any food allergies of any sort? My son, for example, is allergic to corn which is in everything. Sometimes if his reflux suddenly takes a turn for the worse, I can get to looking and realize he's been eating something with hidden corn in it.
    Some kids it's milk, or wheat or any of another million things. It can be hard to pin point but who knows.

    You said you're mixing the prevacid with applejuice. Have you tried water? And are you giving it on an empty stomach? Has he recently gained any weight? 

    Robbie was VERY dose specific on everything until we moved to Nexium. So he'd gain a 1/2 pound and we'd have to up his dose. When he was a baby, that meant changing his dose every 1-2 weeks. 


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