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So confused- Is mineral water okay?

I have read so many mixed opinions about drinking mineral water during pregnancy and I am curious if any of your doctors have said it is okay? Particularly the brand Perrier. I read about an isolated incident years ago with benzene, and then read that it is dangerously high in nitrates, and then read that none of that matters and it is safe. So confused!!!!
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Re: So confused- Is mineral water okay?

  • IMO I think its ok.

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  • This needs to be your mantra:

    "Everything in moderation", unless you are drinking gallons of mineral water a day, you are fine.


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  • Hmmm, I have never heard that.  I sure hope it's not bad because I drank a ton of it this past weekend when I was getting over the flu.  It's the only thing I could keep down.  I drink a ton of seltzer water too.  I did with our last baby and she is okay. 

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