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What does this sound like?

DS has been awake and inconsolable all day. He's also been awake since 8am minus two 5-10 minute naps. He's only had one dirty diaper, but he was most unhappy leading up to going. He cries, gets red, tenses up, sometimes passes gas, sometimes doesn't. But he seems very uptight. I tried drawing his legs up and doing the tummy massages, but those seem to make him cry worse and push harder against me. He's been fussy like this for about 4 days, but today is the first day he hasn't slept at all. I've tried upright, laying down, putting him on my stomach on my legs, all of it.

Ive tried to think of anything that I could have eaten that would irrirate him, but I havent had anything new, especially that would have created this 4 days ago. Holding him doesn't seem to soothe him any better, but when I hold him, hekeeps trying to lay his head back.

My daughter had stomach issues, but she was spitting up ALL.THE.TIME. DS barely ever spits up. Anyone know what this might be? I don't know the differences between reflux and the other gastrointestinal issues.

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