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BF as Working Mom

I BF my baby, and my husband gives her bottles of expressed breast milk for 2 feedings while I am at work.  On my days off, I BF all 7 feedings.  However, she has started taking more from the bottle than she used to (5-6 oz instead of 4.5 oz), and when I BF her during the usual bottle times, she nurses a LOT longer and seems to get frustrated.  I guess she has gotten used to the bottle during those times 5 days a week, where the milk comes easier and she gets more quickly.  Would it be advisable to continue bottles at those 2 times every day (even days off) and pump at those times like I do at work?  She seems to get all off her usual schedule when I BF all 7 times now, and I wonder if this is why.
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Re: BF as Working Mom

  • As word of warning. My LO liked the bottle so much more that he started refusing to nurse. Now I have to pump for every feeding. It's pretty sucky and takes the convenience out of bf.
  • You should continue to offer the breast when you are around, it is easy for babies to get a bottle preference and the best way to prevent this is to properly bottle feed the BF baby so you can continue to nurse on your time off! 


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  • Thanks everyone!  So far my supply has not suffered, as I am pumping 12 oz a day when I work and 5 when I don't (only pumping once if I nurse all 7 times).  Hopefully she will adapt to nursing on my days off without taking forever and a day!  I will check out the website noted also.  Thanks!
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    I would definitely still nurse whenever you can. It will help your supply. Many BF moms have their supply diminished once they go back to work because the body knows the difference between baby and a machine. Pumping is just not the same as your baby nursing directly. 


    This. Lost every once of mu supply when i went back to work. Noticed every day would pump out less and less, now i pump out nada :(


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  • I work 12 hour shifts every Sat & Sun. My husband feeds him pumped BM during those times. On Mondays, he nurses more often and I sometimes have to give him a bottle after I nurse him. I think he just gets used to more milk at once. Usually after Monday, we're back to our usual schedule of nursing every 3 hours. Just a side note that my baby takes BM or formula from me or a bottle with no problems. He's not picky about what he eats and from what source!
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