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vaginal tear infected??

I gave birth about 6 weeks ago. I go for my checkup in a couple days, can't wait!

I've been having a burning sensation on my left side since labor, where I had a small tear during labor, and didn't think much of it. I just thought it was burning because the urine burned the tear when it hit. Well, it's been 6 weeks and still burns, so I looked down there with a mirror. I saw the tear mostly healed, but a small reddish, fleshy bump growing out of it. That's the sore part that burns when urine hits it I figured out. 

Could this been an infection growing from the wound? Is it a normal part of healing?? Cyst? I have all these thoughts. I know I see the doc soon, but I can't stop thinking about it!

Re: vaginal tear infected??

  • lurking but i had something similar, go see your doc.

    Mine was skin granulation, which means that the top layer of skin didnt heal and its raw skin, creating the bump. It will have to be chemically burned off (silver nitrate) or cut off. Then reheal, and go back to the doc to see if you need to have more treatments until its all healed. Also estrogren cream can help (its an RX). I had to have 3 treatments 2 wks apart before they were all healed, b/c i waited so long to go to the dr (4 months). Just to warn you- i also had them inside my vagina as well as one the outside. And it hurts like hell to get them removed.

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  • Oh Dear god! i pray for your sake its not what i have but It kinda sounds like what Is .Does it hurt so bad that you'd rather be in labor???

    I had to go to the er on xmas night, i couldn't sit or anything, I had thought it was where i tore..yeah no not so lucky!

    The lubrication duct/gland( i forgot what the dr called it) Is infected and clogged, They had to cut a small hole and put a tiny tube that dangled there, NOT PLEASENT, they gave me antibiotics, told me to make a dr appointment in 5 days and sent me on my merry way. The next night i made dh take me back to the er for some damn pain killers because the tube made it so i couldnt sit and it hurt like a bi!ch, 2 hours later the damn tube fell out in the toliet, some of my pain went away but it still hurts! Oh and to top that off i got my damn period!

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  • Oh wow. Sorry that happened to you!

     No, it doesn't really hurt. It's mostly just sore when I sit down and it burns alittle when urine hits it from peeing. It's going to drive me nuts till I see the doc in a few days. I'm scared. 

  • I'm a pediatric dermatology PA - I agree with PP...I think it's a granuloma. Granulomas occur when skin his healing, sometimes it just overgrows. I actually developed a seroma in my incision for c-section with DD, so the incsion opened up. We let it heal by secondary intention, meaning, we just left it open (covered with gauze) and let it heal by itself. On one side, I developed a small granuloma. They used silver nitrate in the office to burn it (don't worry, doesn't hurt)...and then I treated the residual with OTC hydrocortisone cream.

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  • back from the doc:

     Yep, it was just granulation, or scar tissue as he said. He did use the silver nitrate (boy o boy did that burn! Then I couldn't sit for an hour)...he said that should do it! I feel sooo much better. I'll go in for a checkup in 2 wks :)

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