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Best approach to cleaning CDs after starting solids?

With a septic system, I don't want to use flushable liners.  Is a diaper sprayer that much better or easier than just having a spatula by the toilet?  How long do you let a dirty diaper sit in the pail? 


Re: Best approach to cleaning CDs after starting solids?

  • We also have a septic system so I don't use liners. I love my sprayer.  Its super easy and I can get all the poop off before putting in the pail so no smell or stains.

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  • I don't use a diaper sprayer.  I just dunk and flush.  Works every time.  Oh I have a large wetbag in the bathroom for the poopy diaper so I don't drip on the way to the pail.  We wash diapers every other day.
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  • Sounds kinda gross but I use the removable shower head to dislodge poop from the diapers... if you're not sickened by the thought, it is a cheaper option.

    (edit)  Oops, I just remembered you were referring to solid poops... disregard my post.

  • Thanks!  I think we'll start with a dunk and flush and go from there.  Exciting times in diaperhood!
  • We just dunk and swish. We have a diaper sprayer but haven't installed it (its been sitting under the sink for months) because our toilet is a PITA.
  • We also dunk/swish and flush.  I drag the diaper pail into the bathroom with me so that I don't drip anywhere.  Honestly, it all comes right off pretty easily.  We haven't had a need for a sprayer.  Just pull the insert before you dunk so you don't soak up a toilet bowl worth of water.  Good luck!
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