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Off for the holidays and ready to return to work!

I have been off for almost two weeks now.   My kids and MH are driving me insane.   MH is sick (at work) and for the last couple of nights has "need to take Nyquil and go straight to bed."   He does have somewhat of a cold but holy fvck, who can't function during a cold?!?  We have kept ourselves pretty busy (was OOT for almost a week) and today is just wearing on me.   We are stuck inside.  Its only 40 outside but windy as hell.  We played Easy Bake oven ( or easy big mess) and we played with the new play doh cake factories.   They are independently playing now but my almost 1 year old wants to be held   I try to cook and he is pulling up on my leg.  I just want to shake him off.   Every time we get a mess cleaned up (whether from eating or from playing) there seems to be another looming almost instantly....GAH!   It's only 3pm.  We live somewhat rural so there isn't a whole lot to do but maybe a car ride is in store...

I just need a little bit of time to think...without the mess that comes with all the playing! 

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Re: Off for the holidays and ready to return to work!

  • You know I'm already back to work and it's been great.  December was totally slow and I was climbing the walls.  January is total madness and I know I'll be begging for slow soon, but... 

    D is going through the same phase as J right now.  I call it the clingy mama phase.  All he does is crawl around after me whining "mamamamama" and crying if I'm not holding him.  I can't even pee without him following me crying.  At least now, DH is getting a taste of my usual day.

    ETA - You should have come down last night.  You could have stayed over (with your DH) and everything.  At least it's a new environment.  

  • Same here! Monday can't come quickly enough!
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  • I woke up this morning and realized I have three more days! For some reason my company gave us Monday off.  Thankfully my nanny is coming on Monday and I will be able to put away the Christmas decorations and do some much needed organization.
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