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Needing a suggestion for purchasing a bridesmaid gown

My due date is 4/28.  I am a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's weddings August 13th.  I'm trying to decide what to do about buying the dress.  I have NO idea what my body will look like till then.  I typically am a size 8 or a 10 pre-pregnancy. Here's the dress


So my question is how do I go about ordering this darned thing.  I was thinking about ordering it in a 14, and hoping that I'm down to that size.  And if I'm smaller than that I can always have the material taken in...I just don't know what to do.  Any suggestions?  

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Re: Needing a suggestion for purchasing a bridesmaid gown

  • Link didn't work. 

    But, I'd go big and then plan on having it altered down.  You can only let a dress out so much but you can always cut it down.

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  • That dress is very forgiving except for the boob part.

    I was in a wedding 3 months after DD was born. I am an 8 in formal wear/bridal wear and I ordered a 16 (apparently I did not have much faith in myself). I ended up switching with a girl who needed my 16, I took her 14, and it was still HUGE. I would have done better with a  10 or 12. Oh, I was EBF so my breasts were enormous. I think a 12-14 is a safe bet (I would measure for bust since that seems to be the tighest area).

    Have you gained a lot so far? I didn't gain much (16 lbs) and was down 22 bt 2 weeks pp. So I was actually "thinner" (HA!) after baby. That also made my initial dress size choice even more of a poor decision.

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  • the people at David's are really good about helping figure out what size to get in these situations. 


    That said, I'd probably order up at least one size. Are you going to be breastfeeding? If so, that'll be the hardest part to guess size on. I lost my pregnancy weight very quickly with Kennedy, but it's a crapshoot as to whether that happens. 

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  • Just remember that formal gowns from there run small. Like 2 sizes smaller. I think you would be safe with a 14 and have it taken in if need be. Just keep in mind, you never know what your boobs are going to do. I say order it, then try it on a bit before the wedding so everything can be altered.
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  • I normally wear a size 8-10 dress, I ordered a size 12. It fit, but barely. I can't see the dress you have to wear. I think a 14 would have been more comfortable.

    This is me, 34w pregnant...



    ETA: You are due February and the wedding isn't until August? So you are wondering about your pp body? You should be back to or at least close to pre pg shape.


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  • Thanks for all the great suggestions ladies!!!
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  • I am in a VERY similar situation - pre-pregnancy I'd wear usually a 12 in bridesmaids stuff from David's Bridal - I am due Feb 17th and my friend's wedding is April 16th, so I have 8 weeks to fit into something. I ended up ordering a 16 (two sizes up) just in can always be taken in!! I am hoping I'll need to get it altered - I'm going to be big time trying to lose weight so I fit into it.
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  • I used to work in a bridal shop. I would always suggest ordering it bigger. It. An alway be taken in. Also you might want to speak to the alterations specialist in the bridal shop and see what her recommendation is. They deal with this situation a lot.
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