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points for my MIL-babylegs

My MIL can drive me crazy-my husband is going to be 40 but he is definitely a momma's boy.  She loves to sew and has really, really tried to make us diapers but they keep leaking.

However, I sent her a tutorial for how to make babylegs and I just got a bunch she made in the mail.  Score!  Totally cute-now to go hit up all the stores for cheap socks so she can make us more!!!!!

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Re: points for my MIL-babylegs

  • Sweet!  Send the tutorial this way!
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  • image ohsaysaysay:
    Sweet!  Send the tutorial this way!



  • Aw, nice! a win-win!
  • They are super cute! I've made my LO 11 pairs! haha.. he must have every color! I actually picked up a pair of socks last night to make another pair. Love them! Kudos to your MIL!
  • Nice! I have made a lot for DD as well and also for DS to wear on his arms under t-shirts. I actually made DS's last year before we has DD because they were cute and it helped extend the life of his t's into the winter time.

    They are super easy to make. Just buy some cute knee high socks, cut off the sock part, and sew the raw edge up!

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