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I have never used one of these until this week.  I tested yesterday and got a faint line.  Tested again today and it was faint as well (may have been lighter than yesterday).  Is it normal to get a lighter line than the day before?


The last day of my period was Sunday and am am not temping)

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Re: OPK Question

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    You mean OPK right?  With OPK the test only matters when the test line is as dark or darker than the control line.  That is when it is +
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    Oops! Yes, OPK
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    it means it is negative.  also, don't know what kind you are using but sometimes the internet cheapies arent conclusive (ie you cant tell if it is positive or not) so you may want to keep some digitals on hand to double check occasionally.


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    Mine varied from lighter to darker everyday until today the lines were the same shade of pink.  I was starting to think that they would not work since it was darker one day and lighter the next but never darker than the control but today it finally worked.
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    Mine were all pretty light until they were positive and then it was way obvious that it was positive b/c both lines were very dark.  I used CB digital and non-digital.
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    When do you typically O?  How long are your cycles?  Without knowing this you will probably be going through a lot of OPK's.
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    If you get a faint line or no line it is should clearly see a darker or same colored line compared to the control line....test mid day and give it about 5 min, and check. once you see it the positive kine you will know good luck
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