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GTNY: How did you and DH meet?


Re: GTNY: How did you and DH meet?

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    imageWish Upon A Star:

    In all honesty, DH and I met on a very sleezy website, but met for the first time in person at college. We were together for three year before we got engaged.

    neb, you have got to elaborate! lol my curiousity is piqued!

    Me too! Do tell!

    Me too! Me too!

    DH and I met online. We are a success story. I actually paid for 6 months, and used 3 days. We dated for ten months before we got engaged. 

    Thats not sleezy! DH and I met on now thats sleezy. 

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    We met in Criminal Justice 101 class in college. We were the first two people to arrive for the class, and he tried to make conversation and I kind of gave him the cold shoulder. It didn't seem to phase him though, and he continued making conversation during the new few classes until he got my number.

    We had been dating for a little over 5 years before he proposed. 

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    We met over a dead body. I am a Coroner and DH is a Sheriff. We were on a call together and he commented on my "boots" that are Harley Davidson boots. I thought he said "boobs" so I gave him a hard time. The following week I changed to a night shift. He worked days and went to every Coroner call he could trying to see me again. He had a call with one of my good friends at work and he asked her about me. Even though it was months later and I see officers every day I remembered him because of his amazing blue eyes. We both work for the same county so our email systems are linked. I sent him and email and we started dating a month later. We dated for 2 1/2 years before we got engaged on New years day. We were married 4 months later. We got married on May 3rd, my birthday is May 4th, and we met on May 5th.
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    ((singing)) "This will be an everlasting love!"

    We are an eHarmony couple! He proposed 9 months after we met and we married a year later.


    Us too! We also got engaged after 9 months, and married almost exactly on our one year anniversary. :)

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    He was my boss...We dated 2 years before I asked him to marry me
    Been married since 2009.
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    ((singing)) "This will be an everlasting love!"

    We are an eHarmony couple! He proposed 9 months after we met and we married a year later.


    Us too! We also got engaged after 9 months, and married almost exactly on our one year anniversary. :)

    Me three!  I met DH on EHarmony in August, met in person in September, got engaged in December.   He moved in with me in February this year and we just got married in July.   Kind of fast but we both knew it was right.  He's 41 & I'm 38, we don't have time to waste. :)

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    We met on yahoo personals. We date a year before we got engaged.

    Edit: Just noticed everyone's moving in comments. DH moved in with me after one month of dating at my mom's suggestion. (He was looking for a new apartment but didn't want to move in with me because he thought my family would think badly of it, but then my mom suggested it!)

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    My S/O and I were actually in the same class at primary school when we were about 10 -- I most certainly did NOT appreciate him then, and we were not friends, then I went to intermediate school and an all girls college so did not keep in contact at all, then my best friend at the time started going out with one of his friends and we actually met again in the back of a truck when we were 16!

    He then texted his friend to get my number at the end of the night - I had a boyfriend at the time but that was very short lived, and we have been inseparable ever since. I moved away for 2 years to finish college and we saw each other every weekend so we did long distance for almost 2 years and have been living together for 3. It is our 5 year anniversary on the 21st of this month and he proposed on my 21st birthday 6 months ago

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    DRUNK! At a New Year's party. Four years later we started dating. 3.5 years later we got married. 
    -Kimberly :) 
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    We met on I sent him a week surprisingly enough on his birthday and he messaged me back the next day. We talked over the phone and through email 1 month before our first date and we dated for 2 months before he proposed to me while on our first vacation together. We were married a year and a half after he proposed.
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