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hard part..

goodbye for now ladies. DH and I got into the worst fight ever last night right before my birthday dinner with my dad. I've never seen him like that and it just put me in a state of shock. So much so that I asked him to stop the car, I got out and he drove off. Dinner was over before it started and we went home after a few minutes.

I cant forget any of what he said to me last night and I am deeply hurt and know that I am also at fault..I guess our problems are bigger than I thought and maybe TTC needs to be put on hold until we work things thru..however long that may be. I'm heartbroken but I know God will see us add, now I am sick and I am supposed to test next week...I want a baby more than I can say but to get a bfp in the middle of all this would be......? I want that bfp but dont know how do handle all this. I dont know what to feel at this point but maybe its just time for a break, even though we are only on cycle #2. My heart is sad but I know I have to try to think clear. I have, we have-some decisions to make. GL to you all and I hope you get your BFP's soon..hopefully I will be back soon, who knows...take care..

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