Trying to Get Pregnant


I tested Wednesday night on a whim and got very faint lines on an IC and an FRER. I'd been feeling icky for a week or so but I thought it was because of the not-so-good for you food around the Holidays. I honestly thought I was wasting pee sticks. If you peek at my chart, you'll see its a mess and I'm fairly certain my BBT is busted. Anyway, yesterday morning I took a digital and PREGNANT appeared. Gotta love those digitals. ;)

I sincerely want to thank the ladies on this board for everything I've learned. I've gained so much knowledge over the past 5 months from the wonderful women here. I've loved the humor and snark most of you brought but mostly I've enjoyed the sincere support I see. I'm cautiously moving on to 1st tri but I'll probably still lurk to keep up with you ladies. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you all get your BFPs in 2011, sooner rather than later.


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