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Basal body therm. on sale at Target

Happy Friday ladies.  FYI - just got back from Target and basal body thermometers are on sale for $8.34. 

I hope everyone has a fun NYE and fingers crossed for lots of BFPs this month!


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Re: Basal body therm. on sale at Target

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    Awesome!  Thanks for the info...going grocery shopping today and will pick one up!

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    Where are these located? My target doesn't sell the BBT therm. Or at least I've never seen it. I looked in the sexual and pregnancy wellness section. 
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    I got mine from there, it's mostly white with a few pink accents, it was right next to the other thermometers.
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    Sorry if this is too late, but the Taget brand sucks. I just got rid of mine in favor of the Walmart brand. (I took my temp with both for the last 2 weeks and the Target brand kept landing on the same temps over and over, but the Walmart brand seemed much more precise.)
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