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Wow, I am just that good haha!!!

I do not temp, but I do watch for CM and CP and pretty much my body tells me when I O with the painful O! I watched very carefully, typically I have a 28 day cycle. But coming off the pill, I guess it is longer. I O'd 2 days late...and figured with that, my AF would rear her ugly head today. Slept in thanks to my DH and woke up to my AF. So I was quite accurate.

It sucks...because I was hoping this would be my month...but I am older now and married to a different man, then I was for my other children. And I know my odds. It just sucks.

Next month, my dh is having some teeth pulled right around the time I will be Oing, so I know we wont get much of a one to cycle #3...eventually.  

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Re: Wow, I am just that good haha!!!

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    I am sorry, maybe he can get some good pain meds and be fit for duty next month. Wink
    Kylie 10/21/08
    Twin Ectopic - lost left tube 12/29/10
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