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thrush mis-diagnosis, hope this helps someone else

Quite a while back I posted quuestions about thrush and I just wanted to give an update.

I began to have thrush symptoms when my son was 2.5 weeks old, I was experiening extreme burning pain in my nipples. I tried to suck it up for a while thinking that maybe my body was still just getting used to bfing but when it got to be too painful I contacted an LC. 

Based on my symptoms she thought thrush, even the DS had no symptoms. DS had a pedi appt and I mentioned it to his Dr, she prescribed nystatin for me but not him. After a week I still wasn't getting much relief. Sometimes bfing would be excruciating and at other times I felt no pain. Also, sometimes I would feel the pain in between feeding but not always. I began to have such anxiety about nursing b/c I never knew if it was going to be painful or not. 

 A few more weeks went by and I contacted the LC again, who recommended that I be put on diflucan and DS on nystatin. She also gave me a bunch of home remedies to try. So I was taking diflucan, GV, probiotics and rinsing my nipples with vinegar and applying lotrimin cream. 

After another week I was still not getting any relief so I called the LC again and we were both pretty frustrated. The LC mentioned that with thrush I should not be having pain in between feedings (which I was). I mentioned that my nipples had been changing color after a feeding and this tipped her off to my real problem...vasoconstriction.

Apparently I have some variation of Raynauds syndrome. When I'm cold and after nursing the blood vessels in my nips become extrememly constricted. My nipples would be blanched, then blue/purple before returing to a pink color. Many of the home remedies for thrush were actually making this condition worse (rinsing nipples with vinegar and then letting air dry...COLD).

The solution...heating pads, so simple. I have more recently begun taking procardia b/c the heating pads just weren't cutting it when the weather got colder.

Anyways, I hope this helps anyone else out there who thinks they are battling thrush and are getting no relief. My OB hadn't even heard of this so I think many people are mis-diagnosed and probably give up bfing.

Here is a link to a journal article that explains this a little more in depth.


thanks for reading. 

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Re: thrush mis-diagnosis, hope this helps someone else

  • Wow. I think I may have had this with my son! Back in the early days of breastfeeding, every time he got done eating my nipples were WHITE; and I had a lot of pain while he nursed and in between nursing. They initially told me thrush, but I knew that wasn't it, and I basically summed it up as just being a crappy latch on my son's part. I just stuck it out. It was excrutiating until about 8 weeks of age, then it got better. Not sure if it's the same thing, but it sounds similar.
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  • Thanks for posting this! With my first, I was diagnosed with thrush (though DD never had any symptoms). I was put on all kinds of treatments for 10 straight months and never got relief. It was awful but I just pushed through mostly because she was so addicted to nursing (and I guess I was too) I just couldn't give it up. Just as I weaned her at 14 months, I learned of RS. It was a really hard year, but with my second at least I was prepared. I'm glad you found your solution!
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  • often times the symptoms will go away when the weather warms up.

    It has been much better with the medication and I've just learned how to manage it, for example I do NOT let my nipples air dry and I try to keep them covered up and warm.

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