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Unhealthy weight gain

When I was pregnant with my son (7 years ago), I gained a very unhealthy 60lbs. I went from 104lb to 165lb. My mom told me she gained over a 100lb with me and my brother. My doctor urged me to see a dietician, which I didn't. I felt that a little extra weight gain might be healthy so someone so small to begin with. Now. I'm pregnant with my second little angel. I am 5 weeks along and oddly food is already tasting better than ever and I'm eating roughly every 2 hours. I am very concerned that I am well on my way to gain as much if not more than I did last time. I'm not as young as I used to be and I don't know how easy it would be to lose the weight this time around. And more than anything I want this new baby and myself to be healthy. I am wondering if eating like this so early on is normal?? So many of my friends who have had kids recently were usually bent over a toilet, not eating everything in sight. If anyone has any advice I would be very grateful!!

Re: Unhealthy weight gain

  • Not really any advise here but just wanted to say I was the same way with Isaac. I was 110 before I got pregnant and I was 160 the day I had my c/s. I did loose all the weight but I don't want to gain that much again. Your body will make the decisions for you. Just try and watch what your eating...good luck!! 
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  • I am kinda the same way.  This is my first pregnancy and I feel like I am eating all the time but every 2-3 days my head is in the toilet all day long.  I know easier said then done but if you know its not healthy for you try to stay away from it.  I have been craving pizza, but obviously not the healthiest things, so I will eat a fruit or vegetable before I eat the pizza and I will make sure to only eat a few slices instead of an entire pizza...good luck I know it is hard..I have the munchies like crazy too. :)
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  • I found out I was pregnant a lot earlier this time around and I'm waiting to be able to compare more accurately at 8 weeks. I'm worried about weight gain this time for the same reason I was last time. I'm starting out overweight. I started this pregnancy 25 pounds less than I did with Ella Grace so I'm trying to hold on to that and not to gain much. Last time I was so sick that I had just reached my pre-preg weight the week I went into labor. 
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  • I was the same way with DD, I was 126 lbs when I get pregnant with her, and then I was 175 at time of delivery.  I did not work out much with DD, so I am trying to work out with this pregnancy so I can at least keep my legs and arms strong.  If I gain the weight at least I feel better mentally that I went to the gym a few days a week and stayed active.  
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  • I am totally afraid of this!  I just lost 30 lbs before our BFP and was in the mindset of being really strict with myself.  Now I am not being too strict and I am decent on regular days, but the holidays + pregnancy has given me too much of a free pass mentality.  I have really tried not to adopt the mindset of "eating for two" but with all the Christmas lunches, all the candy and desserts, I feel like I've gained too much too quick! 

    I began pretty overweight (had planned to lose another 40 or so pounds before we started TTC) so I am just trying to add veggies in place of snacks, adding lots of water, and remembering that every unnecessary food/calorie I take in will have to be lost after the pregnancy.  But I am totally in your boat with the concern.

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