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12 weeks and really not a fan of tummy time

I know I have to keep trying, little by little - but does it get better?  When she was younger, she enjoyed it...but lately she just gets frustrated.  She is holding her head up really well though, and doesn't have flat head, so I'm not worried about that.  But I am just worried she will always hate it!

Please help me - I am neurotic.

Re: 12 weeks and really not a fan of tummy time

  • Hi there, I am by no means an authority, but it's funny you posted about this.

    We just spent a weekend with another couple and their 5 month old little girl. Her mom said that it was just in the past month that she started being happy on her tummy.

    I have no clue what "normal" is (if there is such a thing), but this is their second child and she (the mom) didn't seem worried about it.
  • lots of babies don't like it.  just keep doing it for short periods of time to help her with development.  but don't stress too much!  she won't always hate it, and she may not even be into crawling.  my dd was walking around furniture at 6 mos, but didn't actually crawl until 9/10 months and then she walked (no furniture) around 10/11 months
  • Do something fun wiht tummy time. Put a mirror under her so she can see herself. Put things in front of her. Use the boppy. We tried to entertain her more than anything else. It makes it go a lot quicker :)
  • She might be getting frustrated that she can't do as much as she wants to while on her tummy...

    It does get better.  Gavin absolutely hated tummy time for months - I think a lot of it was b/c of his reflux.  I would just keep trying a few times a day and each time increase the amount of time he spent on his tummy.  Eventually he loved it.

  • Have you tried laying on your back with DD on your chest on her tummy? Sometimes that entertained my DD a little more than being on her play mat, the boppy, or with a mirror. She hated tummy time for the most part, but we still did it. She literally wouldn't roll over (we knew she could, she just wouldn't) forever and also didn't crawl til about 9 months since she hated to be on her tummy so much. Now she loves to sleep that way! Go figure :-)
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  • Maggie hated it until she was strong enough to really hold herself up.  She always had strong neck muscles and held her head up well when sitting up but tummy time was never fun.  She mostly got it laying on daddy's chest for a few minutes.  I would say it got better around 4 months - right around Christmas.  But she always liked being on her back better or being held upright.
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