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any of you work from home?

and what do you do (job title)??  i would LOVE to work from home...

Re: any of you work from home?

  • There are very few opurtunities that make real money working from home.

    I work from home one day a week only because my boss knows I will quit if I didn't have that work/life balance with my 3 hour commute the other 4 days. I am a graphic designer and need to meet with clients on site the other 4 days.

    What do you currently do? Can you do it from home?

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  • yes, but its not a typical work from home job. Im a director of marketing, but its the way my company is structured that I happen to be able to work from home. I work over 60+ hours a week and I travel about 2X per month so its not really easier than an office job.
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  • I don't but DH does.  He does scientific sales and it requires a PhD.

    Keep in mind that almost all people who work from home still use daycare full time.  No one will pay you to stay home with your child.

  • Project Manager. I was in my industry for a decade working at an actual office. The ability to work from home is related to how my industry/company is structured. I require full-time childcare, travel every few months, and depending on workload can work up to 70 hours a week. This work includes emergencies on holidays, weekends, nights, etc.


  • I bounce between SAHM board and this one.
    I now freelance for the company I worked at. The owners weren't cool with me working from home and if I went to part time I'd lose my benefits and have to go into the office. So I took the option to freelance.
    I'm a graphic designer and do most of my work at night when my husband is home. I occasionally do stuff for them during the day if she's napping, but not often.
  • I am a Recruiter and have worked from home for almost 7 years. I know a lot of recruiters that work from home. I have a fulltime nanny and backup care. I work 50+ hrs a week and travel 2x a month for at least 3-4 days.

    You must have child care if you work full time from home.

  • I'm a project manager, and can work from home full time.  My customers are national, so no reason for me to be in the office unless I want to be with my team, which I actually do like and go in 4 days a week.  But other Project Managers on my team don't and it works out fine.
  • DH and I both WAH, but DS goes to daycare 5 days a week. No way I could work just during his naps. My job is very full time. I'm a Director of Sales and have always been field-based. DH is a regional technical manager for a big company, and has to travel a lot but when at home, he's home-based.
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  • I work at home part of the time.  I don't say part-time because I work part-time for an university and part-time for myself.  I work at home on weekends and nights and during the day.  I have a full-time nanny and need a bigger house because when we're all around it's harder to work.  It is nice to breastfeed instead of pump or hang out with the baby sometimes.
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  • I wfh.  My company recently started moving employees to remote locations (home offices) and reducing their real estate footprint to save money.  In return, they hooked us all up with laptops, printers, cell phones, and expense accounts. 

    But I also travel about twice a month for about 2 nights at a time, depending on what's going on.  I work in sales.  

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