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Nursing bra suggestions?

I am currently nursing my second baby and have found that gravity, and milk, have pulled my ta-tas closer to my belly button than I would prefer.  The comfy nursing bras that I used for my first don't provide much support to help me counteract gravity.  Does anyone have any suggestions of a good place to look for more supportive nursing bras?  TIA!

Re: Nursing bra suggestions?

  • Bravado has some good ones but they are very expensive.
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  • bravado all the way. 

    I had huge milk filled, heavy boobies when bf'ing.  I would use Target brand for at home, I also had medela brand and motherhood.... but by far bravado were the best.  I still wear my nursing tank (much better than target and glamourmom) b/c it has better support than any other shelf bra tank I've purchased... I haven't nursed in 2 years. lol.   to look nice at work or going out, I'd go Bravado 100% worth the money. 

  • I have both Anita microfiber (from Amazon), and Bravado. I feel the Anita bras are more comfortable and the band isn't stretching as much as the Bravado I bought. FWIW too, I am using underwires; as a DDD there's no way I could look professional without it! Just make sure they fit well and do not compress or pinch anywhere.

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