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EBF'er newbie

So I EP'd with my DD due to health issues & really want to EBF (except for working) with DS & so far so good. We had some issues in the beginning due to him being super jaundiced & losing a lot of weight but are now doing well. He is gaining weight well (6#7oz at birth, dropped to 5#5oz 3 days later & now at 5 weeks he is 8#s) but we are having bottle issues. He nurses about every 2 hours, usually only on 1 side, and we are giving at least 1 bottle a day so he gets used to it before I go back to work. However, he will only take around 2 ounces from the bottle. He just falls alseep hard; we've tried a couple different bottles & even increased the nipple flow which seemed to help some but not a lot.

Is that enough at this stage? How do you know? We try to offer him more but he won't take it (on occasion he will take 2.5oz). Any suggestions would be great. TIA 

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Re: EBF'er newbie

  • So what if he's not taking as much from the bottle as he's likely nursing from the breast?  Not to sound flippant, but he isn't going to starve, he'll just increase the number of times he needs to eat during the day when he's taking a bottle at daycare.  Either that or he'll start eating more at each feeding. 
  • That sounds about right.  DS was taking 2oz bottles when he first started daycare @ 6 weeks.  We upped to 3oz for one bottle at about 10 weeks, and in the past few weeks went up to 4oz.  Small amounts, often.  Their tummies are tiny!
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  • Yes, my LO would only take 2-3oz. in the beginning.
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