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Recommend your Pregnancy books

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Re: Recommend your Pregnancy books

  • What To Expect When You're Expecting has been my go-to pregnancy book. I also have a bunch of pg apps on my iPhone - I'm Expecting, What to Expect (based on the book), Pregnancy, and Parenting.
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  • I like Your pregnancy week by week. WTEWYE is good too, but if you are the paranoid type at all ( I totally am) it seems to feed my paranoia so I have to be careful when reading that one! I also have several free iPhone apps, including one by babycenter.
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  • I like:

    Your Pregnancy Week by Week and Mayo Clinic's Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy.

    I agree with what PP said about WTEWYE feeding paranoia!

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  • Your Pregnancy Week by Week has been great.  I find WTEWYE a little too alarmist for my taste. 
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  • I received a copy of WTEWYE and I dont like it at all. Good thing it was a gift! After we see LO's HB I might go out and buy a new book to reference. 
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  • what is the money saving baby book?  bargain babies?
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  • Baby Bargains is a must-read!

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  • I liked the week by week one the best. 

    Baby Bargains is also a must - I used it a lot! 

  • My old OB in Florida to whom I was going when I first started TTC absolutely *hates* WTEWYE; he says all it does is scare the crap out of pg women. He recommends "Pregnancy for Dummies". I lucked into getting a copy for $2 at a sale (2004 edition, bought in 2007 and tucked away until now) and I do quite like it. It was revised in 09 and Im debating getting it (used fro Amazon, of course)
  • imageCarrieB.:

    Baby Bargains is a must-read!

    this. Total life saver and makes registering so much easier.

    I wish I could give you other recs, but to be honest, everything else I've consumed is multiples related! 

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