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RP: 17P shots for 2nd pg

Reposting from Preemies board - looking for any experiences w/ 17P, I'm starting them next week.

I had a late preterm preemie in '08, I went into PTL just before 34 weeks for unknown reasons.  I'm expecting #2 in June '11, at my 17 week appt today, my OB is having me start 17P progesterone shots to prevent PTL.  It's a weekly injection I'll receive at my OB's office until 36 weeks.

I'm wondering if any moms here have had experience w/ these shots?  Side effects?  Did they work for you or are they working?


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Re: RP: 17P shots for 2nd pg

  • Yes. I'm on my fourth shot (i.e. fourth week). The peri started me on them at 16 weeks. As far as I've sensed, I've noticed that I can feel for a few days afterward, the area where the liquid (which is quite viscous) has been injected. It's more apparent when I lie on that side.

    As for the tightenings/ contractions that started before I took these shots, I can still feel them while on this med but it seems to not be as intense especially in the few days following the shot. But then, just as that happenings and the day or two before a scheduled shot, I can feel them again (I suppose it's the prog. wearing off?).

    In any event, I've read about others' experiences and they all seem to vary. Do I think it's working? Not sure yet since I'm not sure if just b/c I feel them means that it's not. Perhaps, the prog. just reduces the strength of the tightening instead of making them go away altogether... if that makes any sense.

    More questions I have to ask my doctor.

    I wish you well.

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  • I'm on these shots as well. The only side effect I've really noticed is that I'm a little sore the day afterward and I'm tired the day afterward. Other than that, nothing really to them. I've heard a lot of good feedback about them and I've talked to several mothers who've been able to make it to full term on them when they weren't able to make it to full term before. So here's hoping for both of us that they work! So far so good for me, but I still have a ways to go.
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  • Thank you ladies - I figured it can't hurt to try them.  My OB said the only side effects he's seen are soreness at the injection site (they will switch sides each week to let one side rest, and said I might get lumps/bumps under my skin for a while) and fatigue.  It scares me a little to think I could feel more tired :)

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  • I have been getting the shot since about 16 weeks and I remember my first shot made me feel kind of drunk and it sometimes burns a little when injected because the progesterone is normally in an oil and the needle is a tad bigger than your normal needle.  I have noticed that sometimes they can hurt more afterward if they are given faster, but other than that no side effects really.  Good luck with your shots.
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  • I was on them for #2 and now again for #3.  They did work, number 2 had to be induced!  I had tons of side effects last time, from tiredness to sever depression.  So far this time I don't have the depression, just irritable.  But don't be afraid to tell your doctor if you have symptoms, there are some things they can do.

    And my DH is giving me the shots, just so I don't have to go in each week, might be a possibility if you are both willing:)

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  • Oh and if whomever gives you the shot rubs it afterwards it helps to not get the itchy raised bump at the injection site.  And I always feel like the injection site is bruised for a few days afterwards, which sucks.
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  • Good to know about the depression, I suffered w/ that in high school / college (10-15 years ago now), but I'll watch for returning symptoms.

     OB said if I was willing someone could be taught to give me the shots - I'm not :)  I work fairly close to my clinic and am hoping to pop in before I pick up DS from daycare.

    I am happy to hear your experiences - I don't know anyone IRL that's had these shots.

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  • I'm on them... my first one was at 16w.  I went into labor with my 1st set of twins at 32w (they were born at 33w) so we are trying to avoid having this 2nd set of twins as early as that.  So far the only side effects I've noticed are soreness at injection site (feels like a bruise for a few days) and increased tiredness.   The tiredness is a pain, because I feel like I'm tired enough as it is so additional tiredness is no fun, but if that's the only side effect, I'm ok w/ that.

    I've been getting lots of tightening and BH contrax lately, but so far they haven't caused any cervical changes or issues... they're just the product of an irritable uterus.  

    Good luck! 

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