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please s/o on diapers!

I'm lurking from the June 2011 board... My mom has offered to start buying some diapers for our LO and stashing them away. I have considered CDing, but she told me I was crazy to want to do this for baby #1. (I consider her a bit of an expert. I have 11 siblings and she CDed 5 of us.)

Which brand/type do you recommend?


Re: please s/o on diapers!

  • we use gdiapers (cloth diapers) and it's not as hard as it was "way back when"... I had 3 in diapers at the same time and managed :)  I think one with a new mommy is possible... the diapers have velcro covers that you resuse, and just change the wet/dirty cloth on the inside.. BTW it will save you a TON of money in the long run.... I think the new baby bundle is $150 and 30 gcloth is another $150, but you can get them on sale all the time, just look at GL!
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  • I CD DS. I didn't like the gDiapers at all, and found them to be much more expensive than other CD's.

    If you're considering CDing, you should do a trial at Jillian's Drawers -

    I use BumGenius diapers - LOVE them! Have tried all different ones and these are the best for DS.


    Also, I know your mom CD a bunch of children, but CD's have come a long way, even in the past 3-4 years, so she may think it's difficult, but it really isn't nowadays. 

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  • I also use cloth diapers - primarily bumgenius diapers.  I use the sized all-in-one diapers during the day and one size pocket diapers for night-time.  I absolutely love them.  Both types are about as close to disposable diapers as you can get - super easy.  I love them and even DH says they're not as bad as he thought!

    I imagine that you could get a good stash started for $200-300.  Pop over to the Eco-Friendly Family board or the cloth diaper board if you're interested :)

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  • Not sure if you're looking for CD or disposable recommendations.

    The hospital gave us Pampers Swaddlers (before Dry Max). They were great. We used Pampers for a while. When DS was a bit bigger we used Pampers Baby Dry. We tried Luvs and Up & Up, they are shaped similarly to Pampers, but are not as soft.

    When DS began to crawl we starting using Huggies. They are contoured and the Little Movers are especially nice for, well, little movers. Now that DS is eating solid foods and doesn't go through as many diapers and has solid poop we tried Up & Up again. They get the job done for a fraction of the price.

    Long story short everyone likes different diapers at different stages. I would recommend stocking up at a store with a no questions ask return policy, just in case you want to make an exchange later.

    The only diapers I've ever seen that I really disliked were the Babies R Us and Especially for Babies brands.

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  • Cloth diapering today isn't the same as it was when your mom likely cloth diapered you. My DH was also CD'd by his mom and she had the same reaction as your mom.

    CD's are much more modern and user friendly these days. PP's had good suggestions...I would try out one of the trials if I were you...then you can decide for yourself if you think you can handle it!

    We use a variety of cloth diapers, but the majority of our stash is Bum Genius.

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