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Frustrated - vent but also curious.

I'm still human, right? Because suddenly all everyone sees, no matter what I say or do, is "oh. you had a MC". We bumped into friends of ours and they scuttled away. I sent a message to a friend and said, "Hey, how are ya?" and got a defensive 3 page reply about why she hadn't contacted me..I was just saying hello! And last night I posted a witty but dry-sense-of-humor picture on my FB page - because that's who I am - I was actually feeling better and it had nothing to do with this trauma right now - and someone contacted me and said, "you know, if you're feeling bitter and pissed off at people, perhaps now is the time for you to take a break from FB and recover well". 

 ?! When trying to heal and vaguely resume some sense of normalcy, having everyone interpret my every move as relating back to this is really not helpful and that message this morning actually hurt me and made me feel like I'm not even seen as a normal person anymore. How do you tell people, w/o being a jerk and/or minimizing yourself..."I'm still in here - it's okay!" 

Feeling very frustrated and worse rather than better now. 

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Re: Frustrated - vent but also curious.

  • Tell them just that! "Hey I am still in here...okay!"

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  • I don't know what's worse, someone equating every move to the m/c or not even acknowledging it! I had a friend of mine say "well at least it happened early and you can just go back to trying agin!" It's so frustrating, I feel your pain! Why does everyone make it that much harder to get back to "normal?"
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