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Poll: New Years Resolutions Tips

What are your pest pieces of advice, things to buy or tips for the following top New Years resolutions?

Advice for:

1. improve finances

2. get healthy / loose weight / fit in exercise

3. get organized

4. reduce stress

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Re: Poll: New Years Resolutions Tips

  • Advice for:

    1. improve finances - track everything you buy (you can do this by using your debit card.  Once you see what you need to cut back on, take out cash for the week and when it is gone you are done spending.)

    2. get healthy / loose weight / fit in exercise - Just do it, just kidding I have no advise here, I keep hitting the snooze and not going to the gym.  If you figure this one out let me know.  If I wasn't pumping I would just stop eating.

    3. get organized -pick one thing at a time to organize, and get a friend or family member to help.  It is so much easier to organize other peoples things.

    4. reduce stress -Hire a cleaning lady, order out ever Friday night and have a big glass of wine to start the weekend.  Have date night at least once a month, even if it is just a quiet conversation on the couch after the kids go to bed.

    Most of my answers to number 4 are counter productive to number 1 =)

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  • 1. I am terrible with finances, but we do everything online which has simplified things.

    2. When I am tempted by something high calorie, I drink a big glass of water first. If I still want it after the water, I can have it. But 90% of the time, I have forgotten about it by the end of the water.

    Squeeze exercise into your life. Park in the furthest parking space, get off a bus stop before your destination and walk the rest of the way, stairs instead of the elevator, chase around your LO until you are out of breath... You don't have to get to the gym to get a good work out.

    3. We bought cubes with bins like these for all DD's toys. I put little pictures of art supplies, doll clothes, dress up, etc. on the front so she can help pick up and find things. It fits great on it's side (three across) in the bottom of her closet so it doesn't take up any space in her small room. Huge for us!

    4. When something is getting under my skin, I ask myself if the stress is going to help me improve the situation? Is this going to matter in 5 years? Is it really that important? Most of the time, the answer is no. So I let the stress go. For those few times when stress helps me (like meeting deadlines), I just get through it.

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    met DH 1995 ~ married DH 2006 ~ completed our family 2008
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  • 2 and 4 are so related.  the best stress reducer is feeling good about yourself.  Go to the gym. I got an itouch last year and have put a bunch of guilty pleasure songs on it that REALLY help me run at the gym.  I only listen to it while exercising and the songs are things I don't hear on the radio.  Also, if it doesn't hurt your finances too much you can find gyms that have babysitting services.  This time of year every gym is trying to recruit new members so you can get an excellent deal on year long memberships.

  • I only have suggestions for 1 & 2

    1)  Dave Ramsey

    2) Eat at home.  Cook dinners (plan ahead), bring breakfast and lunch to work.  MAKE yourself workout.  It'll suck at first, but you'll always feel better afterwards.  Hopefully loosing weight will sort of just happen as a result.

  • 1. improve finances: Bring your lunch to work; give yourself x amount of spending money (in cash!) each week, once it's gone, no more spending that week!

    2. get healthy / loose weight / fit in exercise:  short, intense workouts like Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, or even just doing intervals on the treadmill; doing above workouts at lunch, family walks on the weekends.

    3. get organized:  Write everything down.  I love lists!

    4. reduce stress:  Lower your expectations.  Don't have a perfectly clean house?  That's okay!  Realize that you are a busy, working mom and sometimes there are other priorities.

    Of course, now I just need to take my own advice Big Smile

  • Broad advice...something online that stuck with me.  Instead of making general, results orientated resolutions, make simple task ones that are really quantifiable. So, instead of 'improve finances', resolve to only eat out 1x month (or whatever), which also usually helps #2, also, type stuff.  Doing so would also help with #4, because it makes for easier "wins" than feeling like there's the huge thing to tackle.

    Perhaps it's obvious to everyone else, I had never thought of doing things that way and I think it's going to be good for me.

  • 1. improve finances

    Create a budget and stick to it. But when you are creating a budget make sure you give yourself some "fun" money and don't beat yourself up if you go over budget. Otherwise, you will never stick to the budget.

    2. get healthy / loose weight / fit in exercise

    If you have a Wii and want to lose weight, purchase Just Dance 2. Seriously. Best game EVER!

    3. get organized

    Tackle one thing you want to organize each weekend until you are complete. Then keep up with it!

    4. reduce stress

    I feel so much better when I exercise on a regular basis. I know exercise is hard to work into your schedule at first, but when I do exercise, it really makes a huge difference in the way I feel. Wine helps too. :-)

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  • 1. improve finances:

    Buy only what you need.  Ask yourself before buying things "do I need this or just want it?"  Then ask the key quesiton "can I afford this easily now, without having to skimp elsewhere?"  If you can afford it and really want it, think about whether you would regret not having it.  If you would regret it, buy it but leave it in the bag and box for a few days.  Still want it, keep it.  I've ended up returning some items this way and also just not buying it. 

    2. get healthy / loose weight / fit in exercise:

    Make it a scheduled event.  Routine, like getting up and brushing your teeth.  If it's not a routine, it won't happen.  Don't skimp -- just do it.

    3. get organized

    Start small.  Don't think "I'll rid the house of clutter!" -- it's easy to get overwhelmed and quit.  Think "I think I'll declutter this drawer".  Once that is done, move on to another drawer or a small section of a room. 

    4. reduce stress

    Meditate.  It's shown to be the best stress-reducing method around.  It takes a while to get the hang of but pays big dividends.

    DD -- 5YO
    DS -- 3YO

  • I have advice for 2 & 4

    2) Cut out alcohol and cut back on snacks/desserts.  

    4) Do something fun like pilates or yoga- I signed up for a belly dancing class at 8pm after DS goes to bed.   

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