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Sore muscle help.

I did the shred last year in January and completed it and I am trying it again now. I am on day 3 and my calves hurt so bad. I know it is probably a good thing but I can barely go up and down the stairs.

Does anyone know of anything that helps make sore muscles feel better? Should I just keep going today with the shred? Or take a break. I am worried that if I skip a day that I won't get back into it.


Any thoughts appreciated!

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Re: Sore muscle help.

  • Don't skip a workout - push thru the soreness, it will go away faster.  Also drink TONS of water!  Goodluck!
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  • I agree with PP. I am going through the same thing as you, having bought a TRX that is working my muscles in all sorts of different ways, so I will add that lots of stretching will help too. Hold the stretch for at least 20 seconds. Good luck!
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  • ditto the others

    push through your workout, drink lots of water, try using a foam roller 

  • I disagree with PPs.  If you've pushed muscles hard enough where it's difficult to use them, they need rest (and some heat--use heat wraps).  Work other parts of your body (upper body workout) and go back to whole-body once your muscles are ready.
  • Epsom salt bath? Hot springs? These are great for recovery. May also be worth noticing your diet and if you're fueling your recovery.

    I'm not sure where to weigh in on rest versus maintaining your routine. Both are valid comments, and only you can tell if your muscles need more rest to recover or if you're just adjusting to the workout. 

    Shred, huh? Sounds interesting. OP, would love to hear a little more about it if/when you post again. 

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  • imageashf4i:
    Don't skip a workout - push thru the soreness, it will go away faster.  Also drink TONS of water!  Goodluck!

    i agree.  WATER, WATER, WATER!


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