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NSPR, but baby-related: PMS vent

My PMS has been about 80000 times worse since having LO. My face is broken out worse than it was in high school and I would honestly probably pour chocolate syrup on coffee filters and eat them, my cravings get so bad. Did anyone else notice theirs got worse?

Re: NSPR, but baby-related: PMS vent

  • I've noticed that AF is definitely heavier.  And I cramp for longer before she makes her presence known.
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  • Mine's 4 days long. Not as heavy and I still don't get cramps. My face breaks out more now.
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  • Yes ever since I had A I get cramps SO BAD. They were never that painful before. They get bad enough to the point where I end up either boucing on a medicine ball or curled up trying to do breathing excercises. I also get really naseaus.

     This month wasn't as bad so I don't know if that was a fluke or if they are getting better because it's been 9 months. Hopefully that's done.

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